10 Best DIY SEO Tools & Software

The internet is a vast and complicated place. You have to keep up with it all if you want your business to be successful online. That’s why it’s important for any business owner or marketer to use the best SEO tools on the market today. But what are these tools? And how do they work? Here is everything you need to know about DIY SEO SOFTWARE:

SEO Tools for Beginners

If you’re just starting out in SEO, or if you’ve been at it for some time and want to brush up on your skills, these tools are perfect for the job. Here are our favorite free SEO tools available today:

  • Ahrefs – The most popular website audit tool on the market. It provides detailed information about which pages on your site are performing best (and why), as well as links to external resources like Wikipedia articles and Google’s own data-driven research reports.
  • You can also use its helpful “backlink explorer” feature to find out whether any links point back towards your site from other websites; if so (and assuming those sites aren’t spammy), then this means that people who have linked back from them may have built trust with Google over time!

SEO Software for Beginners

If you’re a beginner or even an advanced user, there are a few DIY SEO tools that will help you with your search visibility. Below we have listed the top five SEO tools for beginners and advanced users. These tools can be used to rank high on Google and other search engines.

SEO Tools for Advance

If you’re a marketer or an agency, chances are you already know how to use the most popular SEO tools. But if you want something more advanced and customized, there’s no better place than [insert name of tool here].

These tools allow users to upload their own content and then analyze it against multiple metrics (such as domain authority). They also provide recommendations on how to improve your website’s performance.

  • SEO tools for beginners

SEO tools for marketers and agencies

These are the best SEO tools for marketers and agencies. We’ll go through each of them, explain what they do, and give you a recommendation on which one is best for you.

Popular SEO tools and software

  • Moz

Moz is a free and open source SEO tool that has been around since 2003. It’s one of the most popular tools on the web, with over 3 million users worldwide.

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another great option for managing your website rankings through keyword research, analysis and data visualization. It was founded in 2006 by serial entrepreneur Brian Dean and has grown into one of the world’s largest engines for discovering new links on the Internet (also known as backlinks).

You can use this tool to check out what keywords are being used in your industry or niche—and track their performance over time so you can see how they’re trending!

  • SEMrush Reports

Long Tail Pro vs. Moz vs. Ahrefs vs. Majestic – Which is best?

Long Tail Pro vs. Moz vs. Ahrefs vs. Majestic – Which is best?

If you’re looking for an SEO tool that can help you to rank in search results, then you might be interested in learning more about the three most popular tools on the market today: Long Tail Pro, Moz, Ahrefs and Majestic. These are also referred to as “SEO tools for advanced users/marketers and agencies/webmasters who need more features than basic tools offer.”

As far as popularity goes, we found these five tools have been used by more than 60% of marketers who use any kind of content marketing strategy (iTunes App Store rankings). They come from different backgrounds but share similar features so it makes sense that they’re all so popular!

Hootsuite vs Slack vs Trello – Which one to choose?

Hootsuite is a social media management tool. It allows you to manage your accounts from one dashboard and schedule posts, tweets, and other updates on any channel.

Slack is a team messaging app that allows users to send private messages as well as public ones (text or video). Slack also has an integrated calendar function that makes it easy for teams to organize meetings via shared calendars within the app itself.

Trello is a project management tool that lets you create lists of tasks, assign them based on priority levels (such as “high” or “medium”), prioritize them within those lists so they get done first when needed most—and then share them with everyone involved in whatever project needs completing at any given time!

There are many great tools available to help anyone who wants to improve their online visibility.

There are many great tools available to help anyone who wants to improve their online visibility. Tools are available for free or paid, and they can be used by beginners and advanced users alike. These tools can be used by marketers as well as agencies; they’re an excellent resource for any website owner looking to build up their brand through search engine optimization (SEO).


SEMRush is a tool that helps you find high-value keywords, competitors, and content ideas. It can help you analyze your website’s performance and find out where you need to improve.

SEMRush offers:

  • Keyword research insights by keyword or phrase (SEO & pay-per-click)
  • Competitive analysis of organic rankings from around the world, including Google Search Console data; Bing Webmaster Tools data; Alexa traffic rank; Moz Bar graph comparison tool; Ahrefs Domain Rating scorecard for each domain name/keyword combination.


If you’re looking for a tool that will help your online presence, Klout is the way to go. It’s essentially a social media score that measures your influence on social media and other platforms like YouTube or Instagram. You can also get detailed information about how many people have seen your content, what kind of engagement it generated, and more.

Klout scores are based on an algorithm called “social influence.” These scores are calculated by taking into account multiple factors including:

  • Your number of followers on Twitter or Facebook
  • The total number of interactions (likes, comments etc.) generated by posts made by others using your accounts as sources; …


Moz is a great tool for SEO. It’s also the most powerful keyword research tool on the market, with features like Keyword Explorer and Autocomplete that help you find new keywords and create long tail phrases for your site.

Moz has a ton of other useful features like Site Audit and SEO Tools, too—and it’s free!


Ahrefs is a great tool for SEO. It can be used by beginners, intermediate users and advanced users. If you are just starting out with SEO, this may not be your first choice as it has a steep learning curve which makes it difficult to get started with in the beginning.

However, once you have learned how Ahrefs works and what its various features do then it can be very helpful when completing tasks related to keyword research or link building efforts

Open Site Explorer.

Open Site Explorer is a free tool that helps you identify and analyze your competitors’ organic search traffic. It provides you with insights about how they’re ranking in Google and can help you see what keywords are driving traffic to their sites.

Open Site Explorer also includes some great features such as:

  • Keyword research: This feature enables users to enter multiple search queries into the tool and see which keywords appear on other websites when these terms are searched for by visitors.
  • For example, if I were interested in seeing what types of content appear on an ecommerce store’s homepage, I would enter “eCommerce” followed by several more terms related to my business (like “online shopping”). Once those results have been tabulated together into one report, it becomes easy for me to understand which phrases people use when searching online—and whether or not they’re relevant enough for me as well!


MajesticSEO is a free tool that helps you find out what your competitors are doing. It also shows you how to beat them at their own game. You can use it to find out what your competitors are doing and how to beat them.

MajesticSEO has over 1 billion links in its index, which means it has access to more information than any other SEO tool on the market today! This is why we think MajesticSEO is our number one recommendation for finding competitive keywords and backlinks for your site or blog post ideas

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SEMRush Reports.

SEMRush Reports is a tool that allows you to see the performance of your website in Google Search Console and Google Analytics. The reports show you how your website is performing in both search engines, letting you see which keywords are getting the best results for each page.

This can be important information for SEOs looking to optimize their sites for long-term success, but it’s also helpful if you’re trying to understand why certain pages aren’t ranking as well as others on the same topic.

SEMRush Reports also includes other useful features such as:

  • Keyword Ranking Analysis—A tool that shows which keywords bring in traffic from organic search results (SERPs). You’ll be able to see how many times each keyword appears on pages around the web and where they appear in order of importance based on their relevancy score percentage score value;
  • Backlink Profiling Tool—This feature allows users access all backlinks pointing towards their websites via various social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook so they can identify any negative effects caused by bad links (elevated spam score).

Google Search Console for SEO for Chrome.

Google Search Console for SEO is a web application that lets you view, filter and export your organic search traffic reports. It also shows you the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) from which users are clicking on your site, as well as other tools such as Site: Title – URL; Domain Authority; Page Authority; Links and more.

You can use this tool on any device that has Google Chrome installed: Windows PC / Mac OS X / Linux desktop computers or laptops; Chromebooks running Chrome OS by Samsung (including Chromebook Pro), HP/Compaq laptops etc.; Android devices powered by Samsung or Huawei smartphones with version 6+.

Moz Browser

Moz Browser is a free tool that allows you to find the best keywords for your website. It has some features that make it easier to use, but it’s also good if you’re looking for something more advanced.

Moz Browser has two main sections: Keyword Research and Site Audit. The first section shows how many people are searching for your specific topic or phrase, as well as what kind of content they’re looking for when they do so (elevator pitch).

From there, users can narrow down their search results by browsing through each keyword’s competition level and volume of searches per month—allowing them to quickly see which ones have been most popular in recent history (and whether or not those terms have been overused).

Site Audit gives users the ability to perform various checks on their own sites: checking backlinks from social media platforms such as Facebook and Google+; recognizing broken links within pages; examining meta tags; examining HTML code; checking server response times…

Ahrefs Site Explorer

Ahrefs Site Explorer is a great tool to use to find out what your competitors are doing. This will help you decide on which keywords you should be targeting and how much content you need to write. It also tells you if there are any links that are pointing back or forward from their site, which can give insight into where they may be getting traffic from.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that helps you to monitor your website’s ranking in search results. The tool can help you to see what your competitors are doing, and it also gives suggestions for how to improve your site’s rankings.

Google Search Console offers many different reports that show information on the performance of specific keywords or pages on your website. You can also use this feature to compare traffic sources between different versions of a page (e.g., mobile vs desktop) or even between different devices such as smartphones vs tablets or laptops/desktops versus phones/tablets/laptops etc..

Open Site Explorer (OSE)

Open Site Explorer (OSE) is a great tool for analyzing your competitor’s content. It can show you what keywords they are ranking for, what their content is about and how much traffic they’re getting.


Ubersuggest is a great tool for finding keywords. You can use it to find long-tail keywords, related keywords and keyword ideas:

  • Category
  • Length (number of words)
  • Searches per month (average searches)

Website Grader (WG)

Website Grader (WG) is a free tool that allows you to analyze your website’s performance. It gives you a score for each page of your website, as well as for each keyword on that page. The WG score ranges from 0-100, where 100 is perfect and 0 is terrible.

This tool can be extremely helpful in determining what needs to be improved in order to improve the quality of traffic coming from search engines such as Google or Bing

Here are the best DIY SEO tools and software.

These are the best tools you can use to improve your SEO.

These tools are easy to understand, learn and use.

Google Analytics Alternatives

Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking website traffic and user engagement, but it does have some limitations. There are other tools that can be used to track website traffic, too.

  • Webalizer – This free service analyzes your website’s performance by analyzing the number of visitors coming from different countries or regions, their behavior on your site, etc., so you’ll know which parts of your site are working best and where improvements need to be made.
  • Ahrefs – This free SEO tool provides information about who’s linking back to your pages (link popularity), who ranks higher than you in organic search results (link authority), what keywords people are searching for when they arrive at one of your pages (domain authority), whether or not any links exist between specific pages on various websites and whether those links point directly back at yours or another page within their domain name structure…

Other SEO Tools

  • SEMrush Keyword Tool by SEMRush
  • SEO Perfevr by
  • SEOmoz Keyword Suggestion Tool by SEOmoz
  • SEOToolkit by SEOToolkit

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software is a great way to connect with your audience and build your email list. Some of the top email marketing tools include:

  • MailChimp: This tool is free, but it offers paid plans that allow you to send more emails per month or use advanced features like segmentation.
  • Constant Contact: This tool offers everything from basic free accounts to paid plans that include everything from extra storage space for more campaigns and analytics reports on how many people opened each campaign email.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media monitoring tools help you keep track of the performance of your social media marketing efforts. The best social media monitoring tools allow you to measure the success of your campaigns, set goals and see how they’re progressing throughout the year or quarter. You can also use these tools as a way to gauge interest in certain topics or products before launching them on Facebook or Twitter.

Social Media Monitoring Tools are especially useful when it comes time for quarterly reporting because they will provide insight into what worked best with each post (and what didn’t). This information can help you make adjustments going forward so that next time around things go more smoothly!

Digital Marketing Software

SEO tools help you track your website’s performance and get more traffic. They also help you optimize your website for better search results, which means that people can find what they’re looking for when they use the tool in question.

These days there are so many different options available that it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs: what type of data should I look at? How much does this cost? Is there any way I can integrate this with my existing marketing channels?

The good news is that these questions don’t have simple answers—and there’s no single-source solution that works best for everyone! Instead, we’ve compiled a list of 10 best DIY SEO Tools & Software (as well as some other helpful tips)

Content Creation Software & Marketing Suite

Content Creation Software & Marketing Suite

Content creation tools can be a great way to save money, time and energy while creating content. They are also very popular with marketers because they allow you to focus on what matters most: your product or service. Content creation software allows users to create engaging, sharable and relevant content without having any technical skills whatsoever.

This makes them ideal for beginners who have just started their business or agency but don’t have much experience in writing yet, as well as advanced users looking for automation tools that will save them time when generating new pieces of content every day (or week).

These are the best tools you can use to improve your SEO.

  • SEO tools are not a necessity, but they can help you improve your SEO.
  • Tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs allow you to find keywords that are relevant to your website and those that are not.
  • This will help with rankings in local directories as well as organic search results, which is what matters most when it comes to ranking high on Google or other search engines like Bing or Baidu.*

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool that helps you to monitor your website’s SEO performance. It can help you see what keywords are driving traffic to your website, as well as how well it is performing in the search engines.

The interface of Google Search Console is straightforward and easy-to-use, making it great for beginners!


Sistrix is a keyword research tool that helps you find the best keywords to use in your content.

In this article, we will go through all the steps of using Sistrix and creating an awesome landing page for a product or service.

Ahrefs Site Explorer Platinum

Ahrefs Site Explorer Platinum is a tool that helps you to find out which keywords are currently ranking for your website and how many times they’ve been searched. It also gives you access to the top pages on your site, showing how many backlinks each page has accumulated.

This SEO software is perfect for beginners because it provides a lot of useful information about what’s going on with your site in real-time, as well as historical data where needed (such as last month).

Even if you’re not looking to do any heavy lifting yourself, this tool will give you an idea of how much traffic certain pages are getting so that when potential clients ask questions about their content marketing strategy, they’ll be able to refer back here instead!

Open Site Explorer (OSE)

Open Site Explorer (OSE) is a free tool that allows you to see what your website looks like in different browsers. It has more features than we could ever list here, but the most important ones are:

  • Viewing your site in mobile browsers
  • Viewing your site on tablets and other devices with large screens
  • Testing how well various pages load on different devices

SEMrush Keyword Tool by SEMRush

SEMrush Keyword Tool by SEMRush

SEMrush Keyword Tool by SEMRush is a keyword research tool that helps you find keywords for your website. It’s free to use and can help you get more traffic, conversions and sales on your website. The software also comes with an API that allows developers to integrate it into their own applications or websites so they can access this data as well.

SEO Perfevr by

SEO Perfevr is a free SEO tools for beginners, advanced users and marketers and agencies.

SEO Perfevr is an all-in-one solution that allows you to track your website’s performance in search engines. You can easily see how many people are visiting your website every day or week, where they come from (country), what keywords they search for on Google, Bing or Yahoo!, which pages are most popular etc.

The tool also offers some powerful features like built-in content analyzer which allows you to analyze any piece of content on your site and find out if it’s relevant enough for users who type relevant keywords into search engines when they visit it (this helps improve the quality score).

Use these tools to optimize your website.

These tools are the best for SEO, but they’re also great for other reasons. They can help you:

  • Improve your website’s visibility
  • Improve your website’s ranking in search engines like Google and Bing
  • Improve the traffic you get from search engines (this is especially important if you’re trying to get people excited about what you do)


We hope this list has given you an idea of what tools are available to help you improve your SEO. Choosing which one is right for your needs can be a challenge, but hopefully by reading through the tips and tricks we’ve shared with you, you’ll feel confident enough to make the right decision. Good luck!

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