Vow to Avoid Certain Mistakes While Studying in Canada

Many people apply to elite schools in Canada to get the skills they need to rise above the clouds of wealth. Studying at such a well-known school could be the most exciting thing you ever do. In Canada, there are a lot of people who want to get into good schools.

It will help them broadly change their lives. But it is undeniably hard to get into famous schools in Canada because you have to show proof of your finances and other things.

Every year, a lot of foreign students come to c in Canada. But, as you prepare for the voyage of learning in your dream destination, there are some things you will require to avoid doing. Stay away from people who make trouble and don’t follow the rules.

Still, you don’t need to worry! If you are having trouble getting a student visa to Canada, then talk to the best consultants for Canada study visa in Chandigarh about how to get around any problems.

Smoking in Canada

The government of Canada is trying to chase down smokers in public places and at work. So, a ban on smoking was put in place as you’ve also seen ads in India that say smoking is not allowed in places like movie houses, hospitals, etc.

You have to stop smoking because it’s against the law and bad for your whole being. Public places are often very strict about not letting people smoke. When people break the law, it can result in serious complications. 

Drinking in Canada

Surprisingly, in Canada, people who are older than 15 years can get a driver’s license. It means that if you are 16 years old, you can get a driver’s license. The government is very strict about trying to cut down on traffic accidents and breaking traffic rules.

If you break the rules about drinking and driving, the police may send you back to the country you came from. So, if you’ve been drinking at a party and you want to go home, you should call a taxi. 

Don’t Avoid Tip while Studying in canada

In Canada, it is rude to leave a place without leaving a tip. In Canada, it is a good manner to leave a tip of between 12 and 20% of the total bill at a place where you ate or got service. Well, let us tell you that it is not illegal to leave a place without leaving a tip. But if you leave a place without leaving a tip, the waiter might come after you. So, if you eat in a restaurant in Canada, you must follow all of the rules.

Intolerable Racism & Sexism

Try not to say things that might hurt the feelings of people residing close to you. In Canada, it may be rude to make jokes about race, gender, sexual orientation, skin color, or weight.

So, if you’re a foreign student living in Canada, you shouldn’t have conversations that make other people worried about what you say. It could hurt your relationships with your roommates and could also get the cops involved. 


Let us tell you that the Canadian government is doing everything it can to cut down on the number of women who are charged with crimes. If you do this, the cops may arrest you and take steps to stop similar things from happening in the future. Also, because stalking is against the law in Canada, please don’t do it.

Even small things that make people uncomfortable in Canada can have serious legal effects. After the violation is taken to court, he will be sent back to his home country within a few hours. Before you can get a study visa for Canada with the help of the best Australian immigration consultants in Chandigarh, you need to know all of the above. 


You must take every measure if you want to finish your studies in Canada. Know that people who break the rules will need to go back to the countries where they came from. So, be careful and follow the above suggestions to stay out of trouble with the law. Also, do your best to keep up with the pace in your town. Otherwise, things could make people angry, which could lead the government to take action against you.

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