Econjobrumors: The Inside Scoop on Landing Your Dream Role

Econjobrumors (EJMR) is an anonymous online message board for discussing topics related to economics. The site was created in 2006 and has since become one of the largest online communities for economics students, professors, and professionals.

EJMR provides a platform for users to discuss job prospects, graduate programs, research, faculty, and other aspects of academia and the economics profession. The site has a reputation for being unfiltered, irreverent, and at times controversial. Discussions range from serious inquiries about the job market to casual conversations and unsubstantiated gossip.

With over 100,000 registered members, EJMR has established itself as a fixture in the economics community. Some see it as an open forum for opinions and conversations not suitable for more formal professional settings. Others criticize the site for enabling unprofessional and discriminatory rhetoric. Regardless, EJMR provides a frequently used, if controversial, space for economics insiders to connect and converse candidly.

User Base

Econjobrumors has a user base comprised primarily of three main groups: academics in economics, students pursuing economics degrees, and some industry professionals.

The site attracts economics professors, researchers, and others working in academia. Many tenured and tenure-track professors participate in discussions and share insights from their institutions. There is also engagement from adjunct instructors, lecturers, and postdoctoral researchers. For some, the site provides a place to vent frustrations over department politics, teaching loads, and the publish-or-perish culture.

Students are another major constituency on Econjobrumors. These include undergraduate and graduate students in economics programs around the world. Many come to the site to ask for advice on choosing schools, professors, courses, and career paths. Some also use it to crowdsource help on problem sets, projects, dissertations, and job market preparation.

The site also draws some industry economists and data scientists working outside of academia. These professionals interact with academic economists and students to provide perspectives from government agencies, think tanks, central banks, and the private sector. However, this group makes up a relatively small portion of users compared to professors and students.

Content and Discussions

Econjobrumors covers a wide range of topics related to economics, academia, and the economics job market. Some of the most popular content and discussions include:

Job Openings and Advice

A major focus of the site is job openings and career advice for aspiring economists. Users share new job postings, interview experiences, salary negotiations, and tips for putting together strong applications. There are specific forums dedicated to research economist jobs, government economist jobs, private sector jobs, and academic jobs. Users crowdsource information on the hiring practices and reputations of different departments and firms.

University Program Reviews

Prospective graduate students can read reviews and ask questions about different economics PhD programs, rankings, and experiences at various schools. Current students share information on coursework, qualifying exams, dissertation progress, and more. There is valuable insider knowledge on faculty, research opportunities, TA duties, stipends, and other aspects of grad school life.

Economics Research Discussions

Econjobrumors provide a place for economists to discuss new working papers, economic theories, empirical findings, policy proposals, and academic debates. There are forums to talk about macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, behavioral economics, and more specialized subfields. Users share opinions on research quality and point out flaws or limitations in published papers.


Econjobrumors has faced significant controversy due to the nature of its anonymous online discussions. Many critics have accused the site of enabling negative behaviors through the anonymity it provides users.

Sexist and Racist Comments

Anonymous users on Econjobrumors have frequently made highly offensive sexist, racist, and otherwise discriminatory remarks. Female economists in particular have been targeted for harassment. The anonymity makes it impossible to hold users accountable for their offensive speech.

Questionable Anonymity

The anonymity on Econjobrumors has been called into question, as it seems possible to deduce the identity of some users based on details shared in posts. However, there is still enough anonymity to embolden people to say things they wouldn’t normally say publicly under their own names. This has created a culture where discriminatory speech thrives.

Cyberbullying Concerns

There are many instances of cyberbullying occurring on Econjobrumors Finance, with specific users being singled out and attacked. The victims have little recourse, as the anonymity makes it nearly impossible to identify and punish perpetrators. Many argue the site does too little to curb abusive behaviors.

Impact on Economics Profession

Econjobrumors has had a significant impact on the economics profession, with both positive and negative effects.

On the positive side, the forum has provided useful networking and community for economists, especially junior scholars. Many users report meeting collaborators, mentors, and friends through the site. The discussions and information sharing have allowed members to build connections in their field. This is particularly helpful for those at smaller or less prestigious institutions who may have limited local contacts.

The site also assists with the economics job market and search process. Users share information on openings, application timelines, interview experiences, and hiring decisions. This transparency helps demystify the stressful job hunt for graduate students and junior faculty. Insider perspectives provide an advantage to those utilizing the site.

However, Econjobrumors has also enabled discrimination and bias, particularly against women and minorities. Sexist and racist comments are prevalent, and some threads have specifically targeted female economists, questioning their qualifications in offensive terms. There is a clear gender imbalance among users. This has created an atmosphere on the forum that marginalizes women and minorities, likely discouraging participation.

The anonymity of the site facilitates this damaging behavior. While users can hide behind pseudonyms, real economists have been hurt by discussions. The lack of moderation and consequences allows discrimination to thrive. This has been detrimental to diversity and inclusion efforts within the economics discipline. Although the site provides networking and career assistance, the downsides may outweigh the benefits for marginalized groups. More oversight and policy changes are likely needed to address the climate on Econjobrumors.

Site Management

Econjobrumors has faced criticism for its controversial content and lack of moderation. The site relies on user-based moderation rather than having dedicated moderators. Users can flag inappropriate posts, but many objectionable comments remain unless they receive enough flags.

The site owners have taken some steps to address controversies when they gain widespread public attention. For example, they removed threads related to sexual harassment accusations in economics after facing backlash. However, critics argue the site does too little proactive moderation and allows a toxic culture to fester.

Part of the challenge is that Econjobrumors aims to provide an open platform with little censorship. The founders believe economists should be able to discuss topics freely even if controversial. However, this hands-off approach has allowed trolling, personal attacks, and unverified rumors to spread.

To maintain its vision as an open discussion site while addressing criticism, Econjobrumors may need to implement more nuanced moderation policies. Options could include banning personal attacks and unsubstantiated accusations while allowing policy debates. Dedicating some resources to moderation could help, though it may be difficult to scale while retaining the site’s core vision. Overall, Econjobrumors faces the difficult task of balancing free speech with responsible moderation if it wants to avoid future controversies.

User Perspectives

There are a range of perspectives from users of the econjobrumors forum. Many users find value in the open discussions and community aspect of the site. They see it as a place to freely exchange ideas, network, and gain insights about the economics profession. Some highlight the helpfulness of anonymous users in providing honest advice and feedback for career and research questions. The anonymity allows more open conversations that users may not feel comfortable having elsewhere.

However, many users also report more negative aspects of the community. There have been ongoing issues with discrimination, harassment, and toxic rhetoric, particularly toward women and minority groups. Sexist, racist, and homophobic comments are frequently allowed or even encouraged on parts of the forum. This creates an unwelcoming environment that limits full participation.

In addition, some users describe struggling with addiction to the site. The constant activity and drama can become addictive to check on a regular basis. Some users spend hours per day reading and contributing to discussions. This can become a distraction from work and personal life. Balancing open discussions with a more positive community ethos remains an ongoing challenge for the site.

Expert Commentary

Econjobrumors has received mixed reviews from experts in the economics field. While some recognize its potential value for networking and discussion, many have expressed concerns about bias and overall negative impact.

Concerns about Bias

Critics argue the anonymous nature of the site facilitates discriminatory and unprofessional discourse. Sexist, racist, and homophobic language is commonplace. This creates a hostile environment, particularly for women and minorities. Experts worry the lack of accountability enables bullying and marginalizes underrepresented groups.

Value for Networking

Supporters contend the site provides useful information about the economics job market and profession. Aspiring economists can learn which schools and advisors are most respected. The forums create opportunities to interact with senior scholars. Some experts believe the open discussions ultimately make the field more transparent.

Overall Impact on Field

It remains debated whether econjobrumors has a net positive or negative influence. Proponents claim it gives voice to those dissatisfied with the status quo and helps diversify perspectives. Critics argue it reinforces hierarchies, amplifies toxic viewpoints, and causes real harm. There are also concerns it may dissuade talented people from entering the field. Determining the overall impact requires weighing free expression against harms to professional culture and human dignity.

The Future of Econjobrumors

Econjobrumors has faced criticism over the years for issues like unprofessional conduct, toxicity, and lack of oversight. However, there are steps that could be taken to improve the site’s impact on the economics community.

Plans to Address Issues

The site owners and moderators could implement stronger policies against harassment, bigotry, and unprofessional behavior. Clear rules paired with proactive enforcement would help curb some of the most egregious issues that have plagued Econjobrumors. The moderation team may need to expand to properly monitor discussions and uphold standards.

Anonymous posting has enabled problems on the site, but removing it entirely could diminish participation. An alternative may be allowing anonymous posts but requiring user registration and email verification to increase accountability.

Features to Better Achieve Goals

Econjobrumors aims to provide an insider look at the economics profession. Additional features could further this goal, like verified economist badges for users, AMAs with prominent researchers, and spotlight interviews with young economists.

Enabling users to filter topics and block other users could allow better customization of the experience. Some prefer the site for career advice, while others are more interested in research discussions. Users who find certain interactions unproductive or distracting could filter them out.

Role in Economics Community

Ultimately, Econjobrumors will likely continue serving as a forum for frank, insider conversations about the economics profession. With the field’s competitiveness, the site meets a demand for behind-the-scenes information and discussion.

If the site better regulates conduct and discourages unprofessional behavior, Econjobrumors could provide valuable services to the economics community with less toxicity. It may never be fully accepted in academia, but with reforms it could still enable positive exchanges and helpful career insights.


Econjobrumors has had a profound impact on the economics profession over the past 15 years. Some of the key points:

  • Econjobrumors provides an open and anonymous platform for economics students, professors, and professionals to connect and share information. This has value but also enables unfiltered discussions.

  • The site is used heavily during the economic job market, with rumors and gossip spreading rapidly. Some unverified claims on the site have impacted job candidates.

  • Women and minority groups have been frequent targets of offensive comments on the site. This has created a hostile environment and reinforced discrimination.

  • However, Econjobrumors also allows marginalized groups an equal voice. It provides a space to critique issues like lack of diversity and unfair practices in economics.

  • The anonymity makes it difficult to hold users accountable for unethical behavior. But it also enables honest conversations not possible elsewhere.

  • Attempts to moderate or ban the site have faced backlash about limiting free speech. But unregulated discussions have also clearly caused harm.

In conclusion, Econjobrumors has had both positive and very negative impacts. The economics profession must continue to debate how to balance open information sharing with ethical considerations. More dialogue and concrete steps to promote diversity and address unethical behavior are needed.

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