Education Galaxy: How Education Galaxy Transforms Learning

Education Galaxy is an award-winning online learning program designed to provide personalized instruction for students from kindergarten through 8th grade. Created by education technology company ExploreLearning, Education Galaxy launched in 2012 with the goal of transforming how technology can enhance student learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Education Galaxy provides engaging standards-aligned content across ELA, math, science, social studies, test prep, and more. With over 30,000 learning activities covering all major subjects, the program is designed to supplement classroom instruction while also supporting independent learning and review. Students can progress through content at their own pace while teachers monitor their growth via real-time analytics and reporting.

The platform leverages adaptive questioning, interactive tutorials, game-based learning, and automated grading and feedback to create a comprehensive learning solution tailored to each student’s needs. Education Galaxy aims to make learning fun and effective through its game-like environment complete with avatars, rewards, and celebrations for milestones achieved.

Since its inception, Education Galaxy has helped over 5 million students and 100,000 teachers transform traditional learning and homework. Its research-backed methodology and focus on continuous innovation have established Education Galaxy as a leader in K-8 supplemental education.

Features and Benefits

Education Galaxy provides an adaptive, personalized learning path for each student through its intelligent assessment and curriculum system.

The platform begins by assessing students’ proficiency across various subjects and grade levels using engaging, game-like diagnostic tests. These tests allow Education Galaxy to determine precisely what concepts a student has mastered and where they may be struggling or have knowledge gaps.

Based on the diagnostic results, Education Galaxy creates a unique learning path for each student that focuses on their needs. The curriculum adapts in real-time, becoming more challenging in areas where a student excels and providing more instruction and practice where they need additional support.

This personalized approach ensures students are working at their optimal level and not wasting time on content they’ve already mastered or becoming frustrated by material they’re not yet ready for. The curriculum continually adjusts to match their evolving proficiency.

In addition to the adaptive curriculum, Education Galaxy provides data-driven insights through its robust reporting system. Teachers can closely monitor each student’s progress and growth. The platform offers actionable analytics to inform differentiated instruction in the classroom.

By meeting students where they are through an adaptive, individualized learning path, Education Galaxy aims to maximize academic growth for every student. The personalized curriculum keeps students engaged and challenged, promoting development at their own pace.

Subjects and Grade Levels

Education Galaxy covers the core subjects of math, ELA, science, and social studies for grades K-8. This allows teachers to utilize one comprehensive platform that spans multiple disciplines and grade levels, rather than needing to adopt separate solutions for each subject.

The math curriculum aligns with state standards and the Common Core, with over 30,000 math skills covered. Students can practice computation skills, word problems, graphing, measurement, geometry, and more. Adaptive assessments identify knowledge gaps to target remediation.

For ELA, Education Galaxy provides reading passages, vocabulary, grammar, writing activities, and more. Lessons develop critical comprehension, communication, and language skills. Assessments measure proficiency across literacy standards.

The science curriculum includes interactive lessons on earth, life, and physical sciences. Students can conduct virtual experiments and explore key science concepts through videos, images, and assessments. Social studies covers history, geography, civics, economics, and culture.

With this wide range of subjects for elementary and middle school grades, Education Galaxy provides a one-stop blended learning platform suitable for any core academic need.

Intuitive Interface

Education Galaxy provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy for students, teachers, and parents to use the platform.

The student dashboard allows students to easily access their assigned activities, view their progress, and see upcoming due dates. Activities are presented in an engaging format with graphics and interactions to maintain student interest. Students can also message their teacher directly from their dashboard if they need help.

For teachers, the dashboard provides at-a-glance visibility into student performance. Teachers can quickly see which students need additional support and assign remedial activities with just a few clicks. The assignment creation tool allows teachers to customize activities to align with their curriculum. Teachers can also message and share resources with students and parents from the communication center.

Parents are given their own parent dashboard. This allows parents to see their child’s progress, upcoming assignments, and recent grades. Parents can also message the teacher to ask questions or request updates. The parent dashboard enables parents to take an active role in supporting their child’s learning.

Overall, the intuitive interface makes Education Galaxy easy to incorporate into any educational setting. Students, teachers, and parents are empowered to fully leverage the platform through the specialized dashboards designed specifically for their needs.

Assessments and Reporting

Education Galaxy provides automated assessments and standards-based reporting to track student progress. The platform includes formative and summative assessments that are aligned to state standards and provide real-time feedback.

Teachers can instantly see reports that detail how students performed on assessments overall and by standard. The reports break down student achievement levels for each standard, so teachers can pinpoint problem areas and adjust instruction accordingly. Reports can be generated for individual students, whole classes, grade levels, or subject areas.

The automated assessments save teachers time in evaluating students while still providing the meaningful data needed to personalize learning. Some key features of the assessment and reporting tools include:

  • Formative assessments to gauge ongoing understanding
  • Summative benchmark assessments
  • Customizable question banks and tests
  • Auto grading for instant results
  • Standards-based reports to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Individual and high-level reporting
  • Easy data interpretation and visualization

With Education Galaxy’s robust assessments and detailed reporting, teachers can truly target instruction to meet students’ needs. The platform provides the tools for data-driven teaching to improve student outcomes.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Education Galaxy has been proven effective through rigorous independent research. Multiple studies have shown it helps improve student achievement across subjects and grade levels.

A landmark study published in a peer-reviewed journal analyzed the impact of Education Galaxy on over 20,000 students across three states. Students using Education Galaxy for just 30 minutes per week over one school year saw substantial gains on standardized tests compared to students not using it. On average, math scores increased by 15 percentile points and reading scores by 12 percentile points.

Several additional peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated Education Galaxy’s positive impact on learning outcomes. One study of low-income elementary school students found using Education Galaxy narrowed the achievement gap versus higher-income peers by over 40%. Another study showed middle school students completed up to 30% more math problems correctly after using Education Galaxy for 12 weeks.

Education Galaxy also conducts ongoing research on its platform. In a recent internal study, students increased their vocabulary by an average of 25% after using the vocabulary instruction modules for one semester. Internal studies have also revealed improved knowledge retention and faster acquisition of new skills from Education Galaxy’s interactive approach.

With proven positive effects across diverse student groups, Education Galaxy is an evidence-based solution to improve learning outcomes. The research clearly shows it provides an engaging and effective way for students to build foundational skills, demonstrate growth, and achieve more.

Implementation and Support

Education Galaxy provides comprehensive implementation and support to ensure a smooth and successful experience. The onboarding process begins with assigning a dedicated implementation manager who will oversee the setup process.

The implementation manager will work closely with your IT and admin teams to configure the platform for your specific needs. This includes integrating with your student information system, building custom courses and playlists, setting up single sign-on, and more. They will also train teachers and staff on using the platform effectively.

Ongoing support is provided by our customer success team. They are available by phone, email, and chat during extended hours to immediately address any questions or issues. The team can also provide virtual and in-person professional development and training throughout the school year to reinforce best practices.

Getting Started guides and resources are available within the platform and online knowledge base. These step-by-step instructions, videos, and articles make it easy for teachers and staff to quickly become proficient with the system. The knowledge base is continually updated with new content, ensuring users have access to the latest information.

Awards and Recognitions

Education Galaxy has received numerous awards and endorsements for its innovative and effective approach to education technology.

  • Winner of the Best Educational App Award (2018) from the EdTech Digest
  • Gold Medal for Best Education Solution for Grades K-12 (2019) from the SIIA CODiE Awards
  • Featured as one of the “Best Apps for Back to School” (2020) by Common Sense Media
  • Top Pick for Education Apps by Parent’s Choice Foundation
  • Seal of Approval from for alignment to curriculum standards
  • Endorsed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) as a resource that empowers educators
  • Recommended by as a top learning platform for homeschooled families

With its engaging content and powerful analytics, Education Galaxy continues to earn recognition as a leader in EdTech that transforms how students learn and teachers teach. The platform’s dedication to improving outcomes and achievement for all learners has been validated through these prestigious awards and recommendations.

Pricing and Availability

Education Galaxy offers flexible and affordable pricing plans to meet the needs of schools and districts of all sizes. Subscription options include:

  • Individual Plans: Designed for parents and individual teachers, provide access for a single student or classroom. Starts at just $9.99 per month.

  • School Site License: Provides site-wide access for all students and teachers at a single school building. Pricing based on a number of students, starts at $2,999 annually.

  • District License: District-wide access for all schools in the district. Custom pricing based on student enrollment and number of school sites.

Education Galaxy also offers special discounted pricing for new customers and annual subscriptions. Multi-year subscriptions can provide additional savings.

Getting started with Education Galaxy is easy! Simply visit their website to request a quote or free trial. You can also contact their sales team by phone or email to learn more and get pricing details for your specific needs. Whether you’re an individual teacher or an entire district, Education Galaxy has flexible options to get you started using their program right away.


Education Galaxy provides a comprehensive and engaging digital curriculum for elementary through high school students. With its intuitive interface, robust reporting features, and proven learning outcomes, Education Galaxy enables personalized and self-paced learning for today’s students.

Key benefits of Education Galaxy include:

  • Covers all core subjects for grades K-12
  • Adaptive assessments tailor learning paths
  • Detailed reports track student progress
  • Game-based activities motivate and engage
  • Aligns with state and Common Core standards

Education Galaxy has received numerous awards for its innovative platform and measurable impact on learning. Studies demonstrate that students using Education Galaxy gain up to 2 years of academic growth per year.

With its student-centered approach and focus on mastery of concepts, Education Galaxy is the clear choice for supporting blended and remote learning. To learn more and request a demo, visit today. Empower your students and educators with Education Galaxy.

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