How to Draw A Bubble Letter Q Easily

How to Draw A Bubble Letter Q. Q is a letter that we don’t use very often in the English language. In fact, it’s one of the least used letters considering how often it occurs in dictionary words.

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It’s a slightly unusual-looking letter, with lowercase and uppercase drastically different. Learning to write the letter Q isn’t too difficult, but how about drawing it?

It can be quite tricky to draw it in a fun bubble style since the line runs through the image, but it’s easier when you know what to do.

In this guide we will walk you through 6 steps to show you how to draw the bubble letter Q. We’ll also cover some ideas for coloring and adding to your drawing to truly make it your own!

How to Draw A Bubble Letter Q

Step 1

When learning to draw bubble letters in general, we always recommend penciling the letter before beginning.

We especially recommend it for this letter as it can be quite difficult to draw. Just take a light colored pencil and draw a letter Q the same way you would normally write it.

Remember how big you want the final letter to be and take that into account. Also, try not to draw the pencil guide too dark, as this will make it difficult to erase later.

With that said, let’s now draw the top and right side of the letter. If you look at a regular Q, it has a perfectly rounded top.

For this design, we want it to look like a bubble, so we’ll add a small indentation to the top of the Q. You can draw this using a smaller curved line connected to a larger one.

Try distorting these lines to match the ones in our example and you’re good to go!

Step 2

Next we complete the outline on the left side of the letter. To do this, the other lines from the previous step are lengthened in a sweeping motion.

Then just keep dragging down, down, and around from where the smaller curved line ended earlier, until it’s pointing up again.

You will notice that there is still a small space in the lower right corner of the letter. It is important to include this space as it appears in our reference image.

Once the outlines are drawn, in the next step of the guide we will start drawing some of the internal details of the letter.

Step 3

Now that we have most of the outline for your bubble letter Q, except for the small gap, let’s add the hole in the middle of the Q.

Unlike a “Q” written, the hole in the center is not circular as you can see in the reference image.

Instead, the hole is shaped like an onion and consists of two small curved lines.

The line on the right is a little more wavy while the line on the left is a little smoother and they overlap a bit.

Again, it is important to leave a gap of the same width as before. You’ll learn why it’s designed that way in the next step, as we’re closing those gaps at once.

Step 4

In this fourth step, we’ll fill in the two empty spaces by drawing the “tail” of the Q. This will complete the outline of the letter so we can add some fun details.

To add this tail, let’s draw two horseshoe-shaped lines that mirror each other. The reference image shows you how they should be positioned.

You’ll notice that the beginning and end of each of these lines overlap the outline so it looks like it’s popping out.

When this tail is drawn, the outline is complete and there should be no more gaps. You are now ready for the fifth step, but first we should delete all guides.

If you followed our suggestion to draw a Q in pencil for convenience, feel free to delete them as we don’t need them anymore.

Once you have finished tracing the outlines with a pen, wait a few minutes to ensure the ink is dry. Otherwise, smearing may occur when erasing with the pen.

When you’re ready to move on, let’s add some fun little touches in step five!

Step 5

The fifth step we have for you will make the letter look less like a letter drawn on a page and more like a bubble with volume.

When you look at a bubble or balloon, they usually reflect light. We’ll simulate the look of a light reflection by drawing a simple set of oval shapes.

If there is a light source in this image, we placed it over the letter. Because of this, we added two oval shapes to the top sides of the letter, as shown in the reference.

You can draw these oval shapes elsewhere in the image if you want the light source to come from a different direction.

Once we’ve decided where to place these light reflections, we can add some texture lines.

We drew thin, curved lines along the inside edges of the letter to make it look like an inflated balloon or bubble.

These details can also be moved or changed if you want to add a little more customization to the design.

Before moving on to the last step, you can add some extra details, patterns or anything else you like! So we are ready to add some colors in the last step.

Step 6

This final step of the guide is all about adding some color to your bubble with the letter Q. There are so many colors to choose from and you can use any color you like!

In our sample image, we’ve gone for a nice turquoise blue color scheme to give the letter a nice, cool look. While we’ve mostly stayed with turquoise, we’ve varied the hues.

The colors get a little darker the further away you are from the light reflections. So it’s worth keeping this in mind if you want to move them to a different spot in the image.

Although we chose turquoise, you can choose any color you like! Or you can use many different colors to create a pop of color.

If you want the colors to have different textures and ways to interact with each other, you can mix the media you use.

For example, you can add some color to the base of the letters and then add small details with colored pencils.

To finish, you can sprinkle some glitter on top! These are just a few ways you can add color to this design, but be sure to experiment and have fun!

Your Bubble Letter Q Drawing is Finished!

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