Italian Schengen Visa Requirements For Pakistani Citizens

It would help if you gathered a bunch of documents for the Schengen visa application. If you want to go Italy , you should know all the Italian Schengen Visa Requirements For Pakistani Citizens . You have a higher chance of receiving your Schengen visa without issue if you submit all the required paperwork following the embassy’s or visa officer’s guidelines. 

Applying for a visa is relatively easy. But lack of knowledge can make it difficult for applicants to apply. To avoid inconvenience, we recommend applicants understand the value and purpose of each document required for visa application. For instance, applicants who apply for visas must understand why submitting a round-trip itinerary for visa is preferable. 

For proper guidelines, refer to the document checklist below to prepare your visa application for a Schengen visa application in Pakistan.

Important Updates For Schengen Visa

Schengen visa policy keeps revising to improve the visa application procedure and welcome more applicants from other countries. Schengen visa in Pakistan is issued depending on your visa application status. You need to submit additional documents. 

However, the Embassy of Italy in Pakistan suggests applying for a visa at least three or four weeks before the planned departure date.

What Documents Are Essential For A Schengen Visa From Pakistan?

The essential eligibility condition for receiving the visa and entering Italy’s external borders is submitting the documents mentioned above with the visa application.

  • A fully filled-out and signed Italian Visa Application Form
  • A passport must have blank pages and be valid for at least three months. Many applicants apply with a valid passport that does not contain blank pages. In this case, a passport is useless. 
  • Passport-size pictures must follow the visa requirements.
  • Proof of dummy travel insurance
  • Proof of insurance covering your entire stay. 
  • Proof of dummy hotel booking
  • Proof of dummy flight tickets for Schengen visa
  • Proof of sufficient funds 
  • NOC Letter from employer/university 
  • You must provide any additional supporting documents for the purpose of your visit.

Instructions For Applicants For Visa Application 

We advise the applicants to remain honest while submitting the applications. Do not enter wrong information or submit fake documents, if the visa is rejected in the past then enter proper reason or rejection. Pakistan has a relatively high rejection rate for Schengen visas. Provide as many documents as possible to convince the visa counsellor that you are going for a visit and will return back on time.

We suggest that you book dummy ticket for Schengen visa online from any reliable site like Schengen Flight Reservation Visa and attach the booking confirmations along with the applications. It is safe to submit dummy documents for: tickets, hotel bookings and travel insurance.

When your visa is under process you can submit dummy documents and upon rejection of visa you can cancel the bookings. You may cut your expenses in half in this way. But if the visa is approved you have to make full payment for the dummy documents and convert them into original. 

The more accurate documents you submit the more it will be easier for you to get the visa.


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