Kite Educator Portal: Your New Lesson Planning Superpower

The Kite Educator Portal is a comprehensive online platform designed specifically for K-12 teachers and administrators. It provides access to thousands of standards-aligned teaching resources, as well as powerful tools for lesson planning, progress monitoring, differentiation, collaboration, and professional development.

The portal is ideal for educators looking to save time on administrative tasks, access high-quality curricula, and improve instruction and assessment. It can be used by individual teachers or implemented school- or district-wide.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Access to thousands of standards-aligned resources including lesson plans, activities, assessments, and more from leading educational publishers. Allows educators to quickly find quality content.

  • Tools for building customized lesson plans and curriculum maps. Makes the planning process more efficient.

  • Progress monitoring and reporting features to track student growth over time. Helps teachers identify learning gaps.

  • Differentiation tools to assign specific resources and activities tailored to individual student needs and learning styles. Supports personalized instruction.

  • Collaboration tools to share ideas and resources with other teachers. Facilitates teamwork and continuous improvement.

  • On-demand professional development resources to enhance teaching practices. Provides learning opportunities without having to leave the classroom.

  • Dedicated customer support and implementation specialists to ensure smooth onboarding and usage. Provides ongoing assistance to help teachers get the most from the platform.

The Kite Educator Portal saves teachers time, provides access to high-quality teaching resources and tools in one centralized platform, and supports more effective and personalized instruction. It is designed for K-12 teachers looking to simplify lesson planning, differentiation, assessment, and collaboration.

Access to Thousands of Resources

The Kite Educator Portal provides access to thousands of standards-aligned teaching resources to help educators find and assign resources for their lessons. The portal includes a vast library of resources across all major subjects including:

  • Math resources – From basic math skills to algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and statistics. Resources include explanations, practice problems, assessments and more.

  • English Language Arts resources – Resources for reading, writing, speaking & listening, grammar, vocabulary, literature analysis and more. Covers fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama and informational texts.

  • Science resources – Physical science, earth and space science, life science and engineering resources. Includes labs, virtual simulations, diagrams, videos and readings.

  • History & Social Studies – Geography, government, economics, world history, US history, anthropology and sociology resources.

  • World Languages – Resources for Spanish, French, German, Latin and Chinese covering vocabulary, grammar, culture, listening, reading and speaking skills.

  • Computer Science and Coding – Coding tutorials, practices and projects for block and text-based coding in languages like Scratch, Python, JavaScript and more.

  • Arts & Music – Visual arts, dance, theater, music theory and more.

This extensive library covers all grade levels from elementary through high school. Educators can browse resources by subject, grade level, state standard and more. A powerful search allows searching by keyword, standard, resource type and other filters to easily find relevant teaching resources for lessons and assignments.

Lesson Planning Tools

The Kite Educator Portal provides robust tools to streamline lesson planning and save teachers time. The portal includes a library of customizable lesson plan templates that can be easily tailored to any subject or grade level.

Teachers can select a template, edit it by adding standards, learning objectives, materials, procedures, and assessments. The templates allow teachers to build lesson plans from scratch or modify existing plans to meet the needs of their students. All plans can be saved, downloaded, printed, and shared with other teachers.

Key features of the lesson planning tools include:

  • Comprehensive library of standards-aligned lesson templates
  • Customizable templates for any subject or grade level
  • Ability to add standards, objectives, materials, procedures, assessments
  • Save, download, print, and share lesson plans
  • Build new plans or modify existing plans
  • Easily tailor plans to differentiate instruction
  • Share plans with other teachers

The robust lesson planning capabilities save teachers time while providing the flexibility to create customized plans that meet the needs of all learners. With the portal’s tools, teachers can focus less on paperwork and more on innovative instruction and student engagement.

Progress Monitoring

The Kite Educator Portal provides powerful tools for monitoring student progress. Teachers can create and assign quizzes, tests, and assessments aligned to learning standards or curriculum topics. These assessments provide real-time data on student performance and mastery of skills.

The portal includes built-in benchmark assessments that teachers can leverage to evaluate progress at critical points in the school year. Dashboards and automated reporting features allow teachers to easily track class and individual student growth over time. Assessments can also be customized by teachers to target specific skills or learning objectives.

Formative assessments are a key component of the progress monitoring toolkit. Teachers can quickly create short formative assessments to check for understanding during a lesson. The portal makes it easy to provide instant feedback to students and adjust instruction based on the results.

Diagnostic assessments help identify learning gaps and individual student needs. The portal includes diagnostic screening tools or teachers can create their own. Data from diagnostics enables teachers to differentiate instruction and assign appropriate intervention activities.

The portal integrates with popular assessment creation tools like Google Forms. Teachers can build custom quizzes and assessments and have student performance data automatically sync with the Kite platform. This allows for a seamless assessment building and data analysis workflow.

Robust reporting provides actionable insights. Teachers can view standards-based reports, growth charts, and analysis of assessment data. Sharing capabilities allow teachers to collaborate and confer with other educators, specialists, and parents around student progress monitoring.

Overall, the Kite Educator Portal delivers a comprehensive set of progress monitoring tools to help teachers make data-driven instructional decisions. The platform provides the testing, analysis, and reporting features needed for effective ongoing assessment.

Differentiation Tools

The Kite Educator Portal provides powerful differentiation tools to help teachers personalize learning for each student. With the portal’s robust set of resources, teachers can easily tailor instruction to meet individual students’ needs, skills, and interests.

One key feature is the ability to assign different activities and learning resources to students based on their skill levels or learning preferences. For example, teachers can find reading passages at various Lexile levels and assign higher or lower level texts based on a student’s reading ability. This helps ensure students are reading at an appropriate level that challenges but does not overwhelm them.

Teachers can also use the portal’s bank of lesson activities and project ideas to assign differentiated tasks aligned to the same learning goals. Some students may benefit from hands-on activities while others might prefer written assignments – the portal provides options to accommodate both learning styles.

To further personalize learning, the portal allows teachers to set individualized learning goals and track progress for each student. With a comprehensive view of each learner’s growth, teachers can better provide targeted support and interventions when needed.

The portal essentially functions as a teacher’s assistant to streamline the differentiation process. With robust tools and resources at their fingertips, teachers can truly personalize instruction to unlock the potential of every student. The portal saves teachers time while helping them meet diverse learning needs.

Collaboration Features

The Kite Educator Portal provides numerous ways for teachers to collaborate and share ideas and best practices. Teachers can connect with other educators in their school, district, or across the country through the portal’s social networking features.

The Educator Portal has an online teacher community where users can share lesson plans, activities, assessments, and other resources. Teachers can comment on each other’s posts to provide feedback and suggestions. This allows educators to get new ideas while also helping improve existing content.

Teachers can also participate in group discussions based on grade level, subject area, special interests, or geographic region. These discussion boards make it easy to ask questions, brainstorm solutions to challenges, and learn new techniques. Experienced teachers can provide mentoring and coaching to less seasoned colleagues.

The portal also facilitates collaboration through shared folders where teachers can upload and organize materials for others to access. This repository of collectively created resources helps take the burden off individual teachers having to develop content from scratch.

Finally, the portal offers virtual professional learning communities focused on topics like personalized learning, special education, and more. These communities allow for ongoing collaboration beyond a single discussion thread or resource exchange. Teachers can build relationships and have continuing conversations to share expertise and advice over time.

The wide range of collaborative features in the Kite Educator Portal enable teachers to continuously learn from and inspire each other for the benefit of all their students. Connecting with colleagues across contexts allows educators to multiply their impact.

Professional Development

The Kite Educator Portal provides educators with a wealth of professional development resources to support their continuous growth. Teachers can access on-demand professional development content 24/7 to build their skills at their own pace.

The platform offers over 1,000 on-demand courses covering a wide range of topics like blended learning, personalized instruction, social-emotional learning, and culturally responsive teaching. Courses feature video lessons, reflection questions, resource downloads, and knowledge checks to engage learners. Many courses are aligned to professional development standards and offer certificates of completion.

In addition to self-paced courses, the Portal provides live and pre-recorded webinars from education experts on timely topics. Webinars allow teachers to learn alongside peers and interact with presenters.

For educators looking for more comprehensive professional development, the Portal offers multi-course learning paths leading to micro-credentials in areas like literacy instruction, STEM teaching, and classroom management. These curated learning journeys provide deeper dives into topics to help teachers build expertise.

The wealth of professional development resources on the Kite Educator Portal empowers teachers to take charge of their continuous growth and stay up-to-date on the latest instructional strategies. With on-demand courses available anytime and anywhere, teachers can develop critical skills on their own schedules.

Implementation Support

Kite’s Educator Portal provides robust implementation support to help educators successfully adopt the platform. This includes:

  • Getting Started Guides: Step-by-step guides walk educators through setting up classes, adding students, assigning content, and using key features. The guides provide screenshots and clear instructions tailored to different user roles.

  • Training: Both live and on-demand training is available. Live training allows educators to ask questions and get help in real-time. On-demand training includes videos and tutorials that can be accessed anytime. Training covers both the basics and advanced usage.

  • Community Forums: Educators can connect with each other and with Kite experts in moderated community forums. They can browse existing discussions or start new threads to ask questions and share best practices.

  • Help Center: The searchable help center provides walkthroughs, how-to articles, troubleshooting, and responses to frequently asked questions. Educators can quickly find answers to common issues.

  • Support Tickets: If educators need more personalized assistance, they can open support tickets. The Kite support team aims to respond quickly and resolve any implementation issues.

With robust training resources, community forums, help documentation, and dedicated support, Kite provides educators with guidance at every stage of the implementation process. This enables a smooth onboarding experience and sets educators up for long-term success with the platform.

Cost and Subscription Plans

Kite Educator Portal offers flexible pricing options to meet the needs of individual teachers as well as school and district-wide implementations.

Individual Plans

For individual teachers, Kite offers monthly and annual subscription options. The monthly subscription is $12.99 per month, billed each month. The annual subscription is $99 per year, billed once annually.

The individual plan provides access for one teacher account. It includes full access to Kite’s library of lesson plans, assessments, and teaching resources. Individual accounts can collaborate with other teachers at their school using Kite’s collaboration tools.

School and District Plans

For schools and districts looking to implement Kite more widely, custom quotes are available based on the number of teachers needing access. School and district plans provide license management tools to easily add users and manage permissions.

Volume discounts are available, with typical pricing working out to around $8-10 per teacher per month for annual subscriptions. Multi-year subscriptions can also be negotiated for further savings.

School and district plans include all the same features as individual plans, with the addition of administrator tools for user management, usage reporting, and content configuration. Implementation and training services may also be bundled for an additional fee.

Get in touch with the Kite sales team for a customized quote tailored to your school or district’s needs. Volume discounts available.


The Kite Educator Portal provides teachers with an all-in-one platform for accessing standards-aligned resources, planning effective lessons, monitoring student progress, and differentiating instruction. With thousands of resources, collaboration tools, and professional development, the portal has everything needed to support high-quality teaching and learning.

Teachers looking to save time, reduce workload, and improve student outcomes should strongly consider adopting the Kite Educator Portal. The platform streamlines teaching tasks while providing the flexibility and support needed in today’s diverse classrooms. Whether brand new to the classroom or a seasoned veteran, the portal offers something for all educators. Sign up for a free trial today to explore the platform and see firsthand how it can benefit your classroom.

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