Are Story Games Good For You?

A good story or plot is the reason behind the success of a novel, play, film, or even game. Stories have the innate quality to bind the attention of people. The gaming industry also relies heavily on a good story. Games with good stories like Super Mario and Legend Kage are prime examples of how good stories and sequences make them highly successful. 

Snapchat games or Snapchat story games are also great examples of successful story games. The popularity of these games rose sky-high. Like it crops up with every successful product or service, a general question is whether the story games are good for you. This discussion sheds light on the particular subject.

Are The Story Games Good For You?

The story games have always had their own craze. These games have indeed been exemplary when it comes to arresting people’s attention. The ultimate objective of the games is to entertain the people. What better would it be if the video game transcended its periphery of entertainment and helped build a good rapport? 

The negatives of the story games are spread far and wide every year. Hence unfold the discussion here.

Getting the gauge of the Emotional status

Snapchat games can help you penetrate the layers of emotional bonding between two individuals. It can form a perfect idea of where exactly the emotional status stands. The best section of the game is that you can play with multiple people. You can even post a story by compiling all the emojis. A prime example of such a game is How Much Do You Love Me Game?

Knowing the people Through Embarrassing Questions

You can also judge the temperament of your friend on your character with the help of the embarrassing question. Yes, it’s a great way to understand someone. No one likes to answer the most embarrassing questions. With the help of embarrassing questions, you can challenge your friend. 

These games help emanate the secret of another individual. Ultimately you know the individual much better. For instance, in one of the Snapchat games called Embarrassing Question Game, one may face embarrassing questions like:

  • Afraid or, no afraid of the dark.
  • Hero or villain for the day. 
  • Rating once looks. 

Understanding The Depth And Shades Relation 

Some games let you demarcate between the relations. Not everyone in your life will be of the same value or status. Yes, you got it right; the emotional bonding carries the relationship forward.

For example, if you are playing the Best Friend Vs. Boyfriend game, then you can easily demarcate your priorities to form an understanding of your needs and wants. 


One of the most important aspects of the games is engagement. The successful ones differ from the chunk by dint of the engagement. It is one of those qualities that drives you stress-free. The Never Have I Ever is one of the most engaging story games where the participants ask different questions on the activities they have participated in. The game helps you discuss various subjects with your close friends.

Keeps pushing You Through 

Knowing about the struggles and hardships of successful people can drive you to break the psychological barriers and step into a completely new terrain of capabilities. For example, you will be motivated if you search for facts about apple or Steve Jobs. The same mechanism work for the story games. 

Good story games can indeed motivate you. We would love to cite examples in the form of the Mario Bros. There Mario takes all risks and fights all the opponents to save the princess. But after slaying the Crocodile fire and releasing the crocodile, the message, “but our princess is in another castle,” motivates you further to chase for the ultimate destination.

story games
story games

Fun Fun and Fun 

As mentioned above, games are a major source of fun and entertainment. It can make you stress-free. The same goes for any story game or, say, the Snapchat story games. One of the great examples that you have in this segment is the Funniest Picture Challenge. Here you offer your friend to send you a picture. 

It can be the most ludicrous of moments or the silliest of pictures. Your friends will find the photo online when they want. Without question, if you can judge an individual based on what they think, there is nothing funnier than this. So, all in all, the games can make you burst into laughter. 

The Top Story Games For You

By this time, you definitely have understood that the story games have their impact on people. Hence, you need to gather all the data on the internet connection. Just have a mid-discussion with your service provider on the IP address as the internet world discusses ots on static vs dynamic. However, let’s inform you of one of the top story games. It is important from the point of view of discussion.

Yes No May Be

In this game,the viewers answer Yes, No, or maybe for the listed questions. The most interesting fact about the game is that you do not require an effort to answer the question. They are easy. But on the other hand, you might know some of the surprising revelations on Snapchat friends. 

GIF Challenge

Do you like the GIFs? This is your game, without a doubt. You have to use the different template above and thereafter fill circles with the most relevant GIF. Now that you have done it, you can nominate one of your close friends to play the game and participate in the challenge. Yes, it is indeed engaging. (1)


Apart from the story games we mentioned, some other Snapchat story games are engaging. Some of them include Send Me 2 Names, Kiss, Kill, Marry, Oh my phone, and others.

Yes, story games have a lot many benefits and not just distractions. Hence play and enjoy them to your heart’s content. 

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