How the EJMR Finance Forum Became a Hotbed for Sexist

Ejmr Finance

Ejmr Finance is a leading financial services company that provides a comprehensive suite of products and services to individuals, businesses, and institutions. At its core, Ejmr Finance operates under a diversified business model, offering solutions across various financial domains, including banking, investment management, insurance, and advisory services. The company’s banking services cater to both retail … Read more

EJMR Finance: The Ugly Behind the Anonymous Academic Forum

EJMR Finance

EJMR Finance (Economics Job Market Rumors) is an online discussion forum focused on academia and the economics job market. It was created in 2006 as an anonymous place for graduate students, professors and others to discuss, gossip, and speculate about academic life and the job search process. Some key aspects of EJMR include: Purpose: The … Read more

How Ejmr Finance is Changing the Game for Investors

Ejmr Finance

The Economics Job Market Rumors forum, commonly known as EJMR, is an online message board focused on the academic job market in economics. Launched in 2004, Ejmr Finance provides an anonymous platform for participants to discuss job openings, interview experiences, department rankings, gossip, and other topics related to the economics profession. EJMR has become an … Read more