Top 5 Tom Ellis Movies to Watch

Tom Ellis is perhaps most recognized for his appearances as Miranda and Lucifer Morningstar in the television shows produced by Fox and Netflix respectively. In addition, he has a remarkable body of work, which includes appearances in programs like Merlin, RUSH, and The Fades.

Check out these top 10 movies starring Tom Ellis Movies if you’re a fan of the great actor and want to see more of his work.

1. Isn’t It Romantic Tom Ellis

In addition to playing the titular character of the aforementioned romcom, Tom Ellis has appeared in several other movies and TV shows. In 2011, he starred in The Fades, a short-lived horror series in which he played Mark, the history professor of Paul, a student who can see dead ghosts that humans cannot perceive. He also had a minor role in the TV show Merlin, as Cenred, the monarch of the kingdom of Essetir.

Despite some issues with the plot, Isn’t It Romantic is an enjoyable romantic comedy that walks a fine line between honoring and mocking the genre’s many tropes. It’s fun, upbeat, and features a talented cast of actors. Plus, it gives a voice to the sassy gay sidekick, who often is portrayed as just a punchline.

2. The Best Man

The movie is very well-written and has some amazing performances from the cast. There are some moments in the cineb net movies that will make you laugh out loud, such as when Nia Long slaps Harper (Taye Diggs) after the bachelor party. The slap was unscripted and Nia Long improvised it on the spot because she felt it needed some added emotion.

The movie received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It was a hit at the box office and earned several awards. It is a must-see for fans of Tom Ellis. The movie also has a sequel called The Best Man Holiday, which was released in 2013. It featured the original cast from the 1999 film including Diggs, Chestnut, Long, Howard, Regina Hall, and Melissa De Sousa.

3. Buffalo Soldiers

Tom Ellis is perhaps best known as Gary Preston in the BBC One sitcom Miranda (2009-2015), but he’s also appeared on a number of other television series and in feature films. He’s currently appearing as Lucifer in the Fox urban fantasy series Lucifer, which will see him return for a third season in 2021. Other notable roles include King Cenred in the BBC fantasy series Merlin and Thomas Milligan in Channel 4’s medical drama Holby City. He’s also starred in the Netflix original Awake and as a regular on the US comedy series Psych. He’ll soon be seen alongside Gina Rodriguez, Liza Koshy and Augustus Prew in the Netflix Original Players.

4. The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything may flirt with “prestige picture” preciousness in a few places, but it’s a moving and absorbing account of an unusual love story and the ways in which science can shape—and be shaped by—the human heart.

The ibomma movie is a must-watch for anyone who needs a reminder of how determination and efforts can defy the odds. Especially for the younger generation who tend to lose hope quite easily, this film can serve as a motivation and an encouragement for them. It’s the kind of movie that teaches us to fight back, not only against illness but against all the hurdles in our lives. This is the story of a man who fought back against all the odds and achieved success, just because he did not give up on his dreams (Earnshaw, pp. 52). He was a man of true inspiration and the world will never forget him for what he did for humanity.

5. Submarine

Another movie in which Ellis has a prominent role is Submarine, a film about Danish inventor Peter Madsen who was obsessed with building his own submarine and spaceship. Emma Sullivan’s documentary follows Madsen for a year as he attempts to take a Swedish journalist on a trip in his homemade submarine. Madsen eventually murders the woman and disposes of her body overboard.

Richard Ayoade’s debut feature may have a few echoes of Wes Anderson’s Rushmore, but Submarine is a fresh British comedy with a more realistic story than the latter and a more mature tone than the former. Its use of natural light and uptempo editing contribute to the movie’s heightened feel. Craig Roberts and Yasmin Paige are both excellent as Oliver and Jordana respectively. They manage to convey the angst of young teenagers and their desire to get out of small seaside towns.

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