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Why Real Instagram Followers Are Better Than Fake Followers

Are Fake Instagram Followers Worth It?

Fake Instagram followers are a waste of money, and they can be dangerous to your brand. If you think about it, the only reason to buy fake followers is so that you can trick people into thinking that you’re more popular than your competitors or business peers. But this only brings negative attention to yourself in the long run.

If someone sees that someone has 10,000 Twitter followers but only follows 100 people on Twitter (or even worse: no one), they will assume there is something wrong with their account–and perhaps even distrust the content being shared by this person with those fake numbers behind them!

It’s important to remember that there’s no substitute for real engagement with real fans who are interested in what you have to say or offer as an entrepreneur or business owner; in fact, these types of interactions can only help build trust between yourself/brand and potential customers/clients down the road when they’re ready for purchase decisions from brands like yours!

What Are Fake Instagram Followers?

Fake Instagram followers are fake accounts that have been created by a third party and then sold to someone who wants to inflate their follower count. These accounts don’t actually follow you back, so they have no real value to your business or brand. They can be bought on various websites for as little as $2 per 1,000 followers (which means it’s pretty easy for a business with deep pockets to buy millions of these fake accounts).

Fake Followers Are Easy To Identify

If you’re thinking about buying or selling fake Instagram followers, I strongly urge you not do so because there are ways for users to identify them easily:

  • Look at the ratio between your total number of posts vs total number of likes/comments – this should be relatively consistent across all types of content; if it isn’t then something is wrong!
  • Check out the profiles with low engagement rates (likes and comments) relative to their follower counts – these may very well be bots!

Why Is Buying Fake Instagram Followers Bad?

There are a lot of reasons why buying fake Instagram followers is bad. Here are the main ones:

  • You lose credibility and trust. When people see that you have thousands of followers, they might think that you’re popular or well-known. But if it turns out that those followers are fake, then people will lose trust in your brand and move on to someone else who can provide them with genuine engagement. This is especially important when it comes to businesses; if customers suspect that their orders won’t be fulfilled or the product won’t be what they expected because the company has too many fakes following them on social media sites like Instagram, then those customers may not buy anything from this business again–or at least not until they’ve seen proof that things have changed for good!
  • It wastes money…and time! If someone buys 1k fakes per day for one month straight (which would mean about 30k total), then this person would spend about $1-2k+ per month just trying get real people interested enough into what he/she has been posting over these past few months without any success whatsoever…which could’ve been spent elsewhere if only there were better alternatives available instead!

Is My Instagram Account Safe If I Buy Fake Followers?

You can’t be 100% sure that your account is safe. While it’s true that most of the time, fake followers will not cause any problems, there are instances where they have been known to do so. For example, if you have a large number of fake followers (or any kind of suspicious activity), Instagram will automatically flag your account as spam and suspend it until further notice.

This may lead some people to believe that buying real Instagram Followers would be preferable because at least then they’ll know what they’re getting into beforehand–but this isn’t necessarily true either! 

How to Get Real Instagram Followers

  • Create high-quality content. Instagram is a visual platform, so your pictures and videos need to look good in order to attract followers.
  • Post consistently and frequently. You don’t want your followers to forget about you or miss out on anything new that you post, so make sure you’re posting at least once per day (more if possible).
  • Use hashtags when appropriate–but not too many! Hashtags are an excellent way of getting more exposure for your posts by bringing them into the feeds of people who wouldn’t otherwise see them, but overusing hashtags can make your feed look cluttered and spammy. Try using no more than 2 per post unless it’s something super unique or specific that won’t get lost in all the other posts with similar content out there (like #dogs).
  • Engage with other accounts regularly by liking/commenting on their photos/videos when they reach out first (and vice versa), especially if they have lots of followers themselves! This helps build relationships between users so we’re more likely to remember each other later down the road when we want something specific from another person’s account like advice about starting my own business venture etc…

Which is the best place to Buy real Instagram followers?

If you are looking for a place to buy real Instagram followers Australia, we recommend This company has been around for years and has helped thousands of customers grow their social media accounts with real people who engage with content regularly.

They offer packages that start at just $5 per month or if you’re really serious about growing your account quickly and want thousands of followers right away, then we recommend using our exclusive link below:


In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to buy Instagram followers. If you do decide that this is the right move for your business, then we recommend trying out a reputable site like that offers real followers and guarantees results. 

We know from experience that fake followers won’t help you grow your account–and in fact could even hurt it! But if you follow our tips for creating high-quality content and posting regularly on Instagram, then those new followers will come naturally over time as people discover what makes your brand special.

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