How Does ADT Pulse Help With Home Automation?

Having an efficient home security system is a necessity these days. This is because of the high number of
property crimes reported across the country every year. However, a lot of people used to opt not to get
one installed because of the hassle of managing it.

This is no longer a concern because home security providers, like ADT, have revolutionized home
security and have made it easy and convenient through their mobile application, the ADT Pulse. ADT
Pulse makes it easier for you to control your home security system and provides added benefits as well,
like home automation!

Let’s take a detailed look at ADT home automation through ADT Pulse, its features, and more in this

ADT Pulse: Features

ADT Pulse offers a variety of interesting features that make lives easier. These include:

Immediate Notifications and Alerts

When ADT alarms are triggered due to sensor activation, they transmit a signal to the control panel.
However, these alarms are ineffective if you’re away from home or out of range.

With ADT Pulse, this is not the case. If an ADT home automation alarm is triggered, you’ll receive instant notifications on
your smartphone. You can also enable notifications for events such as doorbell rings, door openings,
arming or disarming your alarm system, and more.

Remote Arming or Disarming of the Alarm System

ADT Pulse lets you arm or disarm your alarm systems remotely, offering significant convenience in
various situations. For instance, in the event of a false trigger, you won’t need to rush back home to
disarm the system.

Live Video Surveillance

ADT Pulse lets you access live surveillance footage from your security cameras, including doorbells, and
indoor and outdoor cameras. Additionally, the app allows you to capture screenshots and record short
clips from the footage.

This feature is very helpful in scenarios where you need to identify a suspect or
share a snapshot or clip with neighbors/authorities regarding suspicious activity.

Remote Locking and Unlocking

ADT Pulse makes it effortless to lock and unlock your doors and check their status remotely. This not
only enhances convenience but also provides peace of mind, ensuring your home’s security even in your

Voice Control

For those who own voice control assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, these can be synced
with your ADT Pulse app for voice-activated control of home appliances and devices. Additionally, you
can use voice commands to arm and disarm your alarm system.

Home Automation with ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse allows you to connect and control your smart home appliances and devices from anywhere,
anytime. Some of the most common appliances and devices people sync with their home security
system include:

Smart Lights

Did you forget to turn off the lights when leaving home? There’s no need to go back and turn them off.
You can easily do so without having to return by syncing your smart lights with ADT Pulse. Similarly, if
you’ve stayed out till dark, you can turn the front lights on remotely even before you reach home.

This feature also helps you lower your energy consumption and manage your energy bills.

Smart Locks

Do you sometimes forget if you locked your front door and then rush back just to check? You’re not
alone. A lot of people get this feeling, and having a smart lock that is synced with ADT Pulse helps you
avoid rushing back. You can easily check the status of your door lock, lock it, or unlock it from any


Feel like the temperature is a bit too hot or cold and want to prepare your house’s internal temperature
accordingly to make yourself comfortable and cozy when you reach back home? ADT Pulse lets you do
that. You can sync your home’s thermostat and increase or decrease the temperature from any location!

Final Thoughts

ADT Pulse is one of the standout features of ADT home security and makes home security more
convenient and easy for users. If you have any questions or need further details, feel free to reach out to
ADT’s customer service team via phone or social media!

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